Our 100% PromiseTM

If the unthinkable happens, this is our pledge to you.

We have a 100% success rate restoring our members to pre-identity theft status1

You may be able to work with your bank or credit card to correct account takeover of an existing account, but new accounts or loans, medical identity theft or employment identity theft, for example, require significantly more time and experience to unwind. We have successfully helped thousands of individuals through identity theft recovery.


Our team of experts work hard to take the burden off individuals who are understandably scared and overwhelmed from discovering identity theft, and forge the path forward to recovery. By now you must be wondering, what does “recover” really mean? It’s our mission to get you back to pre-theft status, which includes:

  • Initiating research to identify scope of fraudulent activity
  • Clearing up fraudulent loans or accounts
  • Instruction on how to analyze credit reports to determine if you are an identity theft victim
  • Removing inaccurate information associated with the theft activity


"In 2015, the FTC received over 490,000 consumer complaints about identity theft, a 47% increase over 2014"

— Federal Trade Commission, Significant Enhancements to IdentityTheft.Gov

For victims of identity theft who manage their own recovery, 29% resolved the issue in less than six months, but 50% were still trying to resolve outstanding issues after five years.2 Even the most determined individual is bound to get frustrated with this difficult and time-consuming process.


This is why we call our recovery advocates Recovery Superheroes. It takes superhero powers, and years of experience, to navigate the complex process of “fully recovering” the identity of an individual who has experienced identity theft. We’re proud to say we have a 100% rate of doing just that.3

Get covered by the recovery team with a 100% success rate.

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Identity thieves are constantly redefining their methods to find ways to break into personal information and personal accounts. Identity theft is a crime that occurs when your information is used without your consent. Criminals have found ways to use a person’s name, Social Security number, address, date of birth, credit card, medical insurance account, bank account and bank information, driver’s license, and phone number for their own benefit.

If your information is stolen, you might be financially responsible for what the thief buys, charges or does with your information. This can potentially damage your credit rating, result in bill and account collections, or even denial of medical services if your medical insurance is effected. The results of identify theft can range from troublesome to catastrophic.

MyIDCare was built by an experienced team of privacy advocates at ID Experts, the leader in identity theft protection services and response. We employ leading encryption and security technologies to ensure every interaction a member has with MyIDCare is secure. All sensitive and personal information contained in the database is encrypted utilizing the 256 bit AES algorithm.

Credit monitoring is an incredibly helpful tool which works by alerting you to changes with your credit file. These changes can be actions you have taken, but more importantly, these changes could also be fraudulent activity requiring immediate attention. Credit monitoring reviews changes to your credit file such as:

  • New inquiries
  • New accounts opened in your name
  • Late payments
  • Improvements in your report
  • Bankruptcies and other public records
  • New addresses
  • New employers


The system will ask you to provide some additional information such as your Social Security number, date of birth, driver’s license, etc. The system uses this information simply as a security step to verify they are communicating with the correct individual and you are who you say you are.

CyberScan protects you from on-line trading or selling of your personal information. Daily, it scans criminal websites, chat rooms, internet bulletin boards, etc., for the detection of stolen identities. If your personal information has been detected during the search, you will receive an email alert. CyberScan can detect on-line selling or trading of your:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Telephone number
  • Driver’s license/ID number
  • One email address
  • Medical ID number
  • Bank accounts*
  • Credit card numbers*
  • [*US Bank accounts and credit card numbers will be monitored if a member enters this information on the “Additional Account Details” page. A member can monitor up to 5 accounts total, but it is not required.]


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